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Hey! We love one-click ordering tm as much as anyone--but know what two things we love even more?

Thing One--supporting independent bookstores--you know, the ones with the comfy chairs in the corner, the kooky staff who know exactly which book you're looking for, and those evening readings with real live authors? They need our online love to stay open!

Thing Two--getting this book on the New York Times list so more people will find it and join the movement to support cognitive literacy (knowing who's messing with our heads and how) and cognitive liberty (protecting the sovereignty of what happens between our own ears) And the Times just loves it when lots of different people buy from lots of different places!!!

So to help both of those things--just pick one of the "other" bookstore links here and with only a couple extra minutes of effort, you'll be helping make the world a better place. As a show of thanks, we've got an "indie only" extra special bonus, an excerpt from the book called "The Victors Write the 'Scrips" all about state-sanctioned states of consciousness.